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Zee Cinema ‘Welcome Back’ the Dons- Literally!

01, June, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

Designed by Active Media Innovations, OOH + On-Ground activation plan designed in synergy with the movie plot helped the channel in engaging the audience.

The entertainment screens shrink has turned out to be a continues process, started from the Movie Theatres to TV Screens and now from TV Screens to Personal handheld screens i.e. mobile, laptop and etc. And this continuous paradigm shift has convinced the TV movie channels to practice the unique styles to garner the viewership and create buzz for their upcoming flicks and their schedule, especially for World Television Premiere. Zee Cinema, a Bollywood Movie Channel premiered a recently launched big star cast movie- Welcome Back and to make it a successful premiere, the channel took an innovative and crazy promotional route, in association with the Active Media Innovations agency.

Well the agency- Active Media Innovations took the movie name- 'Welcome Back' pretty seriously and designed the entire OOH promotional plan which included OOH & On-Ground activation in synchronization with the movie plot. For static display, a large size standee was placed on the Vashi Toll road. To stand out from the regular billboard and FOB, the agency selected the road divider to display the standee to be present at the eye-level of the audience. Alongside, a four day promotional plan was designed in a series to touch upon several locations and maximum audience in a synergy.

Started from the Mumbai Airport, a team of people donned in underworld's Bhai looks was stationed with the placards talking about the movie premiere date and time. The idea was to set the movie plot that the Dons are arriving into the city and people are welcoming them. Since the Indian audience has immense inclination towards the movie stars, a cut-out of movie's star-casts- including Nana Patekar, John Abraham, Anil Kapoor and many more was carved out to attract the audience as well as to register the movie show details in their minds. The cut-out was placed at main tourist & leisure touchpoints of the city- Mahim Causway, Nariman Point and Worli Seaface to increase the engagement level of the audience with the innovation. 

At last the promotional plan was taken to the next level by organising a Selfie Contest. The people were asked to click a selfie with the cutout and upload it on social networking sites. As a prize to the best selfie, the winner was given a chance to ride in a Limousine car for a day which was again branded with a movie premiere details.

Talking about the entire campaign and its plan, Emraan Kureshi, Founder & MD, Active Media Innovations shared, "Welcome Back is one of the latest hit comedy movies and its TV premier buzz had to be loud and noticeable. Considering that the 1st part of the movie i.e. Welcome was a big hit on TV and the channel desired to reach at the same level in terms of viewership. Therefore, we designed a promotional plan in sync with the movie storyline, designed that the Bhai's are actually arriving but on TV screens. Additionally, On-Ground activation was the best option to engage the audience. I must say it turned out to be a big hit with the surprising engagement results".

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