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Moods disrupt the status-quo through Play

27, April, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

The agency harnessed an innovative idea to play with 1500 Dots through outdoor installation for Moods Condoms.

Despite being the origin of Kamasutra, people in India are surprisingly shy to talk openly about sex thereby condoms. Merely 5% purchase* reflects the stigma attached as people are embarrassed to buy condoms. Moods, the largest selling condom brand in India, aimed to break away the taboo and promoted the use of condoms without making the consumer uncomfortable. The agency Rediffusion YR conceptualized the installation ideas with balls signifying the dots on the condom for enhanced pleasure.

Installations with Telephone booth, car and bathtub filled with the balls were set up in buzzing malls, exhibiting these red colored dots with one striking message; 'Play with 1500 dots'.

The very first installation went live around the Valentine's Day earlier this year and, and recently another set of installations were seen creating buzz. The activity, ran for a month's duration, was executed in Delhi's Amusement Park- Adventure Island.

The idea has been receiving favorable responses by all. Some clicked pictures; some asked questions, while some even carried them back home waiting to be pleasantly surprised with condoms inside them. All in all  these installations created a successful interactive forum making a conversation reserved for closed doors, the talk of the town.

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