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Pepsi Employs OOH Medium Exclusively to Promote its Extra Offer

22, April, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

The campaign launched in price sensitive markets covered 400 touch-points to target audiences from all walks of life.

PepsiCo, a leading soft drink brand seems to be having stronger faith in OOH medium this season.  After promoting its other soft drink products, the brand arrived on the medium, once again, to promote its main soft drink- Pepsi. Exclusively rolled out on the OOH medium, the campaign was designed to promote the extra 150ml extra on 600ml offer on their Pet bottles. 

Considering the OOH medium to be the prime communication platform to promote the offer, the brand marked the media planning parameters strategically to approach the masses through its creative and reach, both. Starting with creative, the OOH sites showcased an eye-catchy creative showcasing Ranbir Kapoor, a leading Bollywood Actor and the brand ambassador of the PepsiCo with exciting copy in sync with the offer stating- 'Aaj Thodi Zyada Pi Gaya'. To reinforce the brand identity, the creative background color has been kept in Blue.  Along with normal creative, few important sites and junctions were highlighted with the innovation executed on BQS where 2.5 Feet tall brand logo was placed on the top.

Likewise, to reach the multitudes, the campaign was taken to around 400 touch-points covering areas like Colleges, Residential areas, Markets, Arterial Joints, Highways etc.Rolled out in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Telegana and in the country capital, the idea was to touch specifically price-sensitive markets. 

After this, the brand has rolled out another mammoth campaign on Outdoors to promote its Pepsi Emoji extensively. Milestone Brandcom agency handles the PepsiCo account for OOH duties.


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