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7Up Targets Masses with its Refreshing OOH Campaign

20, April, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

PepsiCo acquires more than 250 OOH touch points spread across different markets of all zones to target masses.

Summers are back and to beat the heat, the soft drink brand is back in action. Considering the competition and war of the soft drinks, PepsiCo has already started acquiring the market space with its stimulating advertising campaigns for their different products. Recently, Pepsi rolled out an Out-Of-Home campaign for its refreshing clear drinks- 7Up and 7Up Nimbooz Masala Soda to lure the audiences. Milestone Brandcom, the OOH Specialist Agency, handles the outdoor advertising duties for the brand.

Showcasing the 7Up chilled pet bottles with ice cubes on outdoors; the campaign is specifically targeted towards the youth. A wide spread campaign has been deployed in more than 5 cities including Delhi, UP, West Bengal etc. To dominate the market, approximately 250 outdoor touch points have been taken by the brand covering all arterial roads and high-footfall markets of different cities. In tier I cities, majorly the large format billboards have been utilised to approach the audience and in Delhi NCR, Delhi Metro Rail has been wrapped, running on the Yellow Line.  The campaign has been supported with innovations executed in UP markets- Lucknow & Kanpur and Kolkatta.

For 7Up Nimbooz Masala Soda OOH campaign, the brand has touched almost 22 towns such as Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, J&K, Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP , Punjab and other Tier II towns.  The campaign is pretty high-decibel in nature as it is visible on all kinds of OOH formats such as BQS, Billboards, DMRC Wrap and Unipole. The direct communication of the campaign emphasizes on the drink flavour with its Brand Ambassador Anushka Sharma.

As per the visibility of the campaign is concerned, it has been achieving quite a positive response as audiences are noticing and reacting to the metro wraps and innovations.

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