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Amazon is the biggest OOH spender in First Quarter of 2016 with a budget of 10.39 Crores

19, April, 2016

Saif Sayed, New Delhi

DSP Blackrock Tax Saver Fund ranked 2nd, Airtel ranked 3rd & Maruti Suzuki ranked 3rd in the 2016 1st quarter whereas iPhone 6S, Akash Institute and Honda makes into the Top 10 list.

According to OOH Third Party Monitoring Agency - Time Outdoor Monitoring, ecommerce giant is the biggest spender in the OOH medium for the first quarter of 2016. The e-commerce giant spent Rs.10.39 Crores  and beats its counterpart Flipkart hands down, which ranks 5th in the list and h­­­­as spends of Rs. 8.12 Crores.

JFM is the period where people are busy paying their taxes. During this period tax saving products like Life Insurance, ELSS, SIP, Mutual Funds, etc. like to promote themselves through advertising on a high scale. DSP Blackrock Tax Saver Fund did not leave any stone unturned in its OOH promotions, thus it ranked second in terms of OOH spends in first quarter of 2016 with spends of Rs.9.99 Crores.



JFM - Top 10 Brands - Spends & Space - 2016

The data does not cover transit media airport, malls, inside railway stations and kiosks. Rates are indicative figure, subject to negotiation.

JFM - Top 10 Categories - Spends & Space - 2016

The data does not cover transit media airport, malls, inside railway stations and kiosks. Rates are indicative figure, subject to negotiation.

Airtel has been mainly focusing on its 4G campaign since it got launched in August 2015. Airtel 4G ranks in third position with spends of Rs.9.72 Crores, whereas the newly launched Vodafone 4G in January 2016 is gradually growing with its promotion through OOH medium. Vodafone is yet to make a mark in top 10 spender's lists.

World's largest four wheeler manufacturers Maruti Suzuki which makes it regularly to the top 10 lists have recently launched its new four wheel drive Vitara Brezza. It had maximum promotions compared to their other new launches like S Cross, Ciaz and Celerio. It had spends of Rs.8.91 Crores, more than Hyundai which had spends of Rs.7.44 Crores.

Two wheeler giants Honda had its two brands i.e. CB Shine and CB Hornet 160R in top 10 lists with spends of Rs. 8.77 Crores and Rs.7.82 Crores respectively.

Aakash Institute from Educational Institute category made it to the top 10 lists with spends of Rs. 7.03 Crores.

With an increase in smartphone users Apple launched its flagship phone IPhone 6S. The OOH promotions done are as stylish and unique as the phone itself that includes actual pictures shot by iPhone users around the world. It had spends of Rs.6.98 Crores.

A total space of 9.29 Crores Square Feet was covered in JFM. had maximum space acquisition with 4.60 Lakh Square Feet followed by Airtel 4G in second position with 4.19 Lakh Square Feet. In third position we have Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza with 3.85 Lakhs Square Feet.

The agency tracks OOH spends, monitors outdoor campaigns and track the effectiveness of spends. The report is based on PAN India analysis across 42 cities shows Top 10 OOH Spenders in the month of January-February-March (JFM).

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