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Bus-Stops turned into 4G Internet Hot-Spots in Chennai

28, March, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

Airtel tapped the remotest areas and lanes by going narrower for its 4G high internet speed via Experiential activity

Recently Airtel, one of the top telecom brands managed to attain around 500 leads for 4G (Hotspot and U Sim) along with more than 100 new Sim-cards. Moreover, the brand briefed more than 10,000 people on the product while many took the free 4G demo of 10 min. And all this was the outcome of an experiential OOH activity, executed in Chennai by the brand.  

After getting over with all their loud proclaims of offering the highest 4G internet speed through mostly all mediums possible, Airtel arrived on roads to prove its say by giving 10 minutes free demonstration of their 4G speed.  In association with Milestone Brandcom, the brand donned the BQS into the look & feel of Internet Hotspots where travelers were engaged with real time 4G experience.

The activity ran for 21 days of duration at four different Bus Shelters of Chennai, OMR Road where the entire stretch was connected with 4G range. Three promoters were positioned at the bus shelters to promote the offerings and assisting the audience in experiencing the 4G high internet speed, wherein huge cut-outs were plastered at the BQS to encourage the audience.  

The brand tactically spotted the OMR road in Chennai considering it is the main connecting road to Business and IT Park in Chennai. Most of the IT Professionals work and stay in nearby areas. As a result, Airtel managed to strategically tap the right audience at the right place & time to ensure the lucrative outcomes for themselves on the back of this simple and yet an effective idea.

Prior to this activity, the brand had communicated about their new offer by painting all the key cities RED with its 4G communication through big and small hoardings across.

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