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OOH is reinventing, A Mini Cooper on a Billboard this time

17, February, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

To stand out from the DND Expressway advertising clutter, the brand stationed the car replica on billboard with the help of Times OOH

BMW owned British car manufacturer, Mini Cooper created a huge buzz in this year's Auto-Expo by revealing its two new models- MINI Cooper S Convertible and MINI Clubman soon to be launched in India. But that was not all, an automobile brand continued to spread its car craze through Out-Of-Home medium. The brand, interestingly attracted the passer-by's of DND Expressway by hanging up the a dummy car on hoarding to generate thrill for its new launch and presence at the Auto-Expo 2016. The innovation was executed at DND Expressway Property, managed by Times OOH targeting audience visiting Auto-Expo or driving about for commute.

Amidst various other automobile brands presence, the brand tactically carved out visibility for its product by showcasing the car model on the hoarding. The campaign was started on 31st Jan and continued to amaze the audiences till 14th Feb. Even the duration of the campaign was marked in a way that it started to build up the enthusiasm for the Auto-Expo before it began and ended by building a top mind recall in the consumers' mind. 

Undoubtedly, mounting the mock-up of the MINI on the billboard was a challenge. It had to be made, lifted and secured keeping all traffic moving and maintaining all safety precautions for workers. Also seeking and getting special permission for the innovation displays like innovations was a big challenge. However, even within a short frame of time-band, Times OOH developed the desired campaign for the luxury car brand.

Considering the entry gateway to the Auto-Expo 2016 and one of the last few advertising hot pots before the Greater NOIDA Expressway, the DND Expressway played a pivotal role for MINI and its media gave an opportunity to greet a large number of audience extensively.

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