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DOAA working to bring its members on single podium

12, January, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

Back in 1996, when Hon'ble Supreme Court order came for the devices on road side, as the paramount interest of the Honb'le Supreme Court was traffic safety and nearly all the outdoor media was removed. Therefore DOAA came into existence, fought the case and after a long battle with authorities finally convinced the authorities for bringing change in by-laws. And last year (2015), a new set of executive committee has been selected to combat with same kind of legal issues stimulated in May. The new committee seems much stronger, focus and goal oriented to safeguard Delhi OOH industry as well as interest of its media owners.

The motive behind electing the new committee is to have new surface for the association and renewed outlook towards the industry and its on-going issues. Moreover, the impulsion to form a new team came when some of their executive members had expanded their business and were not able to devote dedicated time in day to day work of association hence very reasonably, wilfully and peacefully people were invited to head and work for the industry.

For the smooth work flow and to bring all concessionaires onto the same page, DOAA has planned to meet every month and have discussions for the betterment and bright fate of the industry. Moreover, while going forward the association is going to organise lectures on outdoor for the new generation.

The new committee has formed a prime strategy to bing clients and Government authorities on one consensus, to maintain transparency in the working and to accomplish, they are going to hold joint conversation with all their members to come to a single formula.           

The association formed an Outdoor Advertising Policy way back in 2007 which was desired by the apex court and played active part in formulation of the policy. However, the association feels that now there is a need to implement the OAP 2007 in better and positive senses, where all can earn their livelihood in the respectful manner.  Thie policy was made for to bring positivity in the industry and trade, but due to lack of knowledge and high headedness of local authorities, its implementation has carried away from the main book. The association would be fixing up meetings with the top bosses of local authorities to have better and positive implementation of the policy where big or small all can survive respectfully.

Currently, the Delhi OOH industry has seen a major setback due to sack of sites in various parts of the capital. To deal with this issue, the association is planning to come up with a user friendly formula where authorities would earn revenue and advertising devices would be put up maintaining the aesthetics of the city and advertiser would earn livelihood respectfully. However, if needed the DOAA would take this issue to the highest chair of the Country.

DOAA which always believes in unity, requests all media owners to stay united, feel obliged that they are into business of outdoor, consider it is as one of the most respected business in the world. So have control, don't go in for illegal media, rest god bless all, cheers and thanks to our seniors/veteran of the industry.

The above insights have been shared by DOAA team. The details of the newly elected executive committee are as under:

1. Mr. Sunil Vasudeva --- President

2. Mr. Sudhir Haryal --- Vice President

3. Mr. Umesh Singh --- Vice President

4. Mr. Ajay Gupta --- General  Secretary

5. Mr. Shailender Luthra --- Jt. Secretary

6. Mr. Ganesh Mysa --- Treasurer

7. Mr. Anil Sharma --- Exec. Member

8. Mr. Manish Grover --- Exec. Member

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