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India’s first environment based reality show ‘Godrej Green Champion’ launched

11, September, 2015

Saif Sayed, New Delhi

OAP recently launched their freshest and one of the most innovative campaign in Mumbai for India’s first environment based reality show. Godrej Group along with NDTV started an eco-reality television show called the ‘Green Champion’. The creatives pulled off on this campaign were one of a kind and it did justice to the concept of the show. OAP came out with two different styles of billboards, the first one has a garden with a shape of human lungs which goes on to say ‘What you plant is what you breathe’. The second one has recycled plastic bottles with the shape of a giant heart and the mechanism is such that the plastic bottles pushes out bird seeds whenever a bird sits on it and goes with a tagline ‘let your heart beat for other species too’. The hoardings could be seen in key point areas around the city. The campaign isn’t a once for all affair, the key part is maintaining these live items till the campaign last, like watering the plants and trees and also replenish when required or ensure the mechanism of feeding the birds remains intact.

The show premiered across NDTV network channels on Saturday August 1, 2015. The show brings to the fore key environmental issues and highlights the positive impact created by even the smallest of ‘green’ changes.

“We had an integrated campaign to promote the show comprising of Radio, TV and Digital. We wanted to explore outdoors from an innovations perspective as the nature of this medium creates a lot of buzz. We wanted to create impact with minimum spread across the city. The innovation highlights the need to preserve vegetation as they are ultimately the lungs of the city. The other innovation highlights sharing our resources with other species and living on the planet with harmony. This ties in with the sustainability communication that we are doing with the Godrej Green Champion show”.–Manasi Narasimhan, Head - Godrej Masterbrand.

“Godrej as an organization has always been driven by a view of the future and has devoted its organizational resources and energy in shaping that future. These are times when we need every living person concerned about and committed to the well-being of our planet. Green Champion is a reality TV contest, but it also should raise consciousness of acts of commission and omission each person can commit to in order to protect the future of the environment.” - Shireesh Joshi, Head Strategic Marketing, Godrej Group.

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