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Uninor innovatively leverages Andhra’s Pushkaralu festival for its brand promotion

03, August, 2015 Bureau, New Delhi

Uninor, the mobile network operator in India, recently tapped into one of the biggest festivals of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for a brand promotion OOH campaign. Known as the Pushkaralu festival, that takes place in Rajamundary, Andhra Pradesh, is celebrated every 12 years to worship the river Godavari. Interestingly, this time the festival had a higher religious significance as it was being celebrated as the Maha Pushkaralu which happens after every 144 years. Drawing people from all walks of life to the banks of the river, Uninor used this mass congregation of 4-5 crore people to execute its campaign using multiple media vehicles relevant to the audience.

The festival that was celebrated over a period of 12 days, from 14th July to 25th July saw a majority of Uninor’s core target audience from SEC C and D. The brand teamed up with Storyboard Brandcom, a division of Milestone Brandcom Group, that has been handling Uninor`s OOH account for more than 3 years, to create word-of-mouth and brand recall media vehicles such as boat branding, help kiosks, arches and huts on approach to the Ghats, instead of the conventional media platforms. One of the key highlights of the campaign was the branding done on boats delivering an unavoidable brand communication to the audiences as hundreds of boats were painted blue in the classic Uninor color and with the brands’ logo on the exterior of the boats.

“Maha Pushkaralu is an event where the masses would be coming and since we are a mass market brand, this was the best form of the brand campaign to connect with the state consumers,” says Shrinath Kotian, Circle Business Head, Uninor.

Blue zones were created with an aim of enveloping the unconventional yet strategic mediums in the brand identity highlighting simple communication about the brand and products in regional languages. According to a random survey by the brand, 8 out of 10 people claimed that Uninor was the most visible brand in the Maha Pushkaralu.

“Uninor has always coveted to go beyond the ordinary and implemented some of the most innovative & impact strategies for achieving consumer connect. In this campaign, the brand has aptly leveraged the grand platform of Mahapushkaralu, which takes place once in 144 years, by taking over all the boats at Godavari and painted them blue, along with huts … entire Rajamundri turned blue with Uninor. We acted on clutter breaking innovations at such a high congregated event over 4 crores crore devotees and leveraged visibility for the brand,” says Nabendu Bhattacharya, CEO and Managing Director, Milestone Brandcom Group.

Fiama Di Wills, the personal care product range from the stables of ITC has recently launched an OOH campaign in Mumbai to promote its product that has been voted as the best product by Femina Beauty Awards 2015 which honours the best of beauty products in different categories. Fiama Di Wills Enlivening Beads Blackcurrant and Bearberry Shower Gel which has been displayed in all the campaign billboards, were the winners in the ‘Body’ category voted by 15,000 customers online across 36 categories.

The entire campaign exercise has been carried out to create a top of mind recall for Fiama’s consumers in the market and also spread awareness about the product’s novel christening. Interestingly, to showcase both the flavours, Fiama Di Wills has stationed different illustrations at different sites. The imagery of the advertisement displays the shower gel with the communication that it has been voted as the best product. Apart from that, the billboard has the brand logo and product tagline.

Bright Outdoor has executed the campaign at more than 30 locations on different large format billboards across Mumbai’s high traffic spots. The brand has engaged in large scale OOH activations in the past, with the same asset owner, carrying out different product campaigns in February this year and November as well as May last year.

“We have had a long drawn relationship with ITC as we have executed various campaigns for the company over the years. For the current campaign we had to fight clutter and amplify the campaign with high impact sites. The main aspect was to highlight that the product has been voted the best product. Therefore, we planned a high intensity campaign establishing the objective of creating a high top of mind recall for the brand. The product category itself needs to be showcased with minimal communication and heavy visual appeal, hence, we mainly used large format hoardings in key areas of Mumbai to gain maximum eyeballs and to spread awareness that the product has won the award,” says Yogesh Lakhani, CMD, Bright Outdoor.

The half-a-month long campaign was categorised according to different locations in Mumbai, namely; Eastern Express Highway, LBS Marg, Central Zone and New Bombay. Thane, Bhandup, Mulund, Chembur, Vashi, Andheri, Sion, Mandvi, Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar and Wadala are a few locations where the FiamaDi Wills campaign can be noticed.

Last month, TVS Srichakra, the Indian tyre manufacturer had unveiled its new brand identity and logo. The new logo depicts an eagle carrying a tyre on top with two arrows showing circular motion. According to official reports from the company, the logo is said to fortify the clarity and purpose, the eagle depicts, greater manoeuvrability, power and superior grip with the arrows showing a ceaseless forward motion.

To market and communicate its logo and brand identity change, TVS Tyres has launched an outdoor advertising campaign with the objective to announce the brand’s new Logo in the market as well as boost on-ground sales through substantial visibility across key markets in India. Posterscope India has executed the OOH campaign across 700 media sites in 20 cities targeting males in an age group of 18 to 45.

The imagery of the campaign communicates a large depiction of the new logo that reads; ‘Welcome to the new face of TVS Tyres. Welcome to new destinations’ along with the products such as, 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, ultra light truck tyres, off-highway tyres and the brand philosophy on the bottom ‘There will always be a way’.

According to Posterscope India, the campaign had to be broken all together in the selected 20 cities in multiple languages with multiple adapts, all within a time-frame of 3 days. The agency prioritised markets according to the feedback of the business team to optimise impact as per market prioritisation. Large format billboard were chosen at relevant touch points to amplify the communication of a new logo launch. A variety of media mix was utilised, for example bus shelters and panels to render reach and frequency.

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