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Signpost expands its media asset portfolio in Karnataka

12, May, 2015

Abhinav Mohapatra, New Delhi

Signpost India, formerly known as Cartel Outdoor has signed an agreement with the Karnataka government to construct and maintain bus shelters. The contract includes the installation and maintenance of bus shelters, street-name boards, bus routes, benches and facility for physically empowered, the contract will include a total of 400 advertising panels. Initially the company has commenced construction of bus shelters in 100 locations spread in and around the Central Business District Area and Whitfield IT Park among other areas. Hence, the new addition to the advertising landscape will be catering to the business community with an affordable price tag as claimed by the company.

The Karnataka government is getting both the bus shelters and street furniture at zero cost and Signpost will be investing in the project as and when it generates revenue through its advertising revenue. This revenue will also be used to sustain and handle the maintenance and further construction of more bus queue shelters in Bengaluru. Without disclosing an approximate price range that Signpost will operate for the bus shelters, it claims that currently the bus shelters are ready for advertising and have the best display pattern that is available in the city.

Signpost already holds the advertising right to a fleet of billboards in the city and is in talks with various city civic authorities of southern states for investing in developing more public service projects in order to strengthen its network. The company also recently launched the largest wall-wrap in southern India at the Commercial Business District of Bengaluru which is currently displaying the latest advertisement of the Samsung smartphone.

Basavaraj R Kabade, Project Head, BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) which is the city municipal corporation, says that the arrival of new age bus shelters would largely help the commuters. “The Signpost shelter design and quality is well appreciated and will also help improve the standard of outdoor advertisements in city,” he adds.

The brand also claims that it compliments traditional outdoor media like billboard with more smart use of outdoor advertising which not only supports brands to advertise but also helps the citizens with some service. Signpost closely works with various city authorities across the country to provide facilities like bus shelters, toilets, pedestrian skywalks with escalators for the comfort of citizens at zero cost to the civic bodies.

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