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27, April, 2015

Abhinav Mohapatra, New Delhi

A massive campaign covering multiple cities was rolled out last month that made everyone look up. Combined with flashy colours and an emotional undertone,, an online real-estate brand launched a phased OOH campaign that started around Holi. Since then, its visuals have been upgraded to become one of the most noteworthy OOH campaigns.

The first phase of the campaign involved unveiling the new brand logo and proposition ‘Look Up’. The symbol that depicts an upward arrow conveys that the brand is looking towards the future and the inverse that looks like a rooftop symbolises a shelter. The colour palette used for all the creative purple, yellow, green and pink denoting Housing as an optimistic, game-changing and uncompromising brand, according to the company`sstatement.

Milestone Brandcom executed the outdoor campaign in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and their respective airports as well as in the city of Chennai. Strategically located sites were chosen which made the campaign a talking point over night. The campaign visuals and communication have been designed with an emotional undertone associated with buying a home instead of merely a property. Messages such as `start your new life today’, ‘we are together in this journey’ and ‘make room for more happiness’ have a warm appeal and showcase stages that young couples go through while thinking about their future together. All the visuals across channels include the Housing logo representing ‘positivity and optimism’.

“The OOH medium created brand imagery, desired impact and quick awareness. Digital, Press and OOH media channels were creatively used to launch the brand and OOH was the largest contributor to building desired image, awareness and impact. The housing campaign is a case study and an example of building a brand through OOH. The power of out of home is demonstrated through and through. This I’m sure will increase brands belief in the brand building powers Out of Home communication has. In the future, many brands will take note the housing strategy and adopt similar strategies” says Nabendu Bhattacharyya, CEO and Managing Director, Milestone Brandcom.

The first and second stage of Phase 1 branding created an emotional connect. The third stage included an innovative out of door activity where a series of backlit boxes were placed on Marine Drive, Mumbai, with Housing`s logo that lit up the area. The ‘Look Up’ logo placed along the Marine Drive wall was visible from every intersection that led to Marine Drive.

Pratik Seal, CMO, says that as a part of the real estate industry, felt the need to bring optimism amongst home seekers. “Housing`s new brand campaign with the ‘Look Up’ logo symbolizes being positive about the future and providing a nurturing shelter. Our idea was to narrate a compelling story of a life journey of a young couple using OOH as a dominant medium. Effective execution of our out-of-home campaign ensured a huge jump in traffic besides taking Housing`s awareness levels to an all-time high,” he adds.

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