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DMRC gears up to offer 360 degree branding experience at Metro stations 

02, February, 2015

Shanta Saikia, New Delhi

Soon, Delhi Metro stations will not just sport branded names, but also offer a 360 degree out-of-home ambient/ transit media experience. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has invited bids on two-packet system for granting exclusive semi-naming rights at six Metro stations – Guru Dronacharya, IFFCO Chowk, Huda City Center (on Line 2), Golf course, Botanical Garden (On Line 3), and Vaishali on Line 4.

The exclusive semi-naming rights shall be for a period of five years. However, outdoor advertisement inventory on unipoles shall not be the part of this tender. According to the DMRC website, as of today, DMRC network comprises of six operational lines with a ridership of more than 2.5 million commuters per day.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) documents are available between January 29, 2015 and March 2, 2015. Bidders will have to submit a bid security of Rs 8 lakh for each station, along with the bid document. Last date for submitting the RFP documents is March 3, 2015. The Technical Bids will be opened on March 3, while the date and time of opening of RFP Financial Bids shall be notified separately to the qualified bidders only.

Some panels for advertisement have already been installed by DMRC in the station outside premises for the stations under the current commitments; these panels at Guru Dronacharya, IFFCO Chowk and Huda City Center will be vacated tentatively by October 2015, while those at the Vaishali Metro station will be vacated by September 2018.

The winning bidder can suffix/ prefix the brand name with the name of the station. In addition to this, the licensee shall be granted advertisement rights at the selected station to design, procure/ manufacture, install, manage, operate, maintain, market and sell advertising opportunities, subject to the terms and conditions specified in the License Agreement.

DMRC shall provide advertisement spaces of 500 sq. m at the quoted rate of display area inside the selected station. The licensee can utilise any format of advertisement, including and not limited to backlit panels, scrollers, floor branding, roof branding, digital display, etc.

However, audio advertisement in any form is not permitted and there will be no change in DMRC’s station announcement/ train announcement/ notification/ inside train name/ or any other document due to semi-naming of the station.

Advertisement spaces at each of the selected stations include the following:

• All feasible spaces, including staircases
• Escalators
• Turnstile
• Frisking panels/ equipment
• Fixed/ moveable panels
• Elevator spaces
• Product displays
• Smart posters, visual display by electronic media
• Projectors/ holography or any other innovative advertisement media
• Install digital advertisement panels in the form of LCD/ LED panels, video walls or any similar format of advertisement (without audio)
• Advertisement inventory may include smart posters, QR codes/ graphics, canopy

The following activities shall also be permitted as a part of branding and is not included in the inside advertisement inventory of 500 sq. m:

• Experiential marketing – canopy of size 6 x 6 ft size at maximum three location in paid/ unpaid area at a time
• To advertise the e-commerce activities for generating business opportunities through on-line or off-line shopping
• Branding of station building in brand’s colour
• Retail bare space maximum 20 sq. mtr at one or more location inside of station building for Licensee’s legitimate activity
• Refurbishment of station exterior and interior in brand’s colour scheme and theme, besides the brand’s name (suffixed or pre-fixed) with station name
• Landscaping and brand’s advertisement on DMRC station to give aesthetic and pleasing appearance to brands
• Painting of beam/ affixing of 3M vinyl pasting at station to feel and look of the brand
• Carry out painting of station, both inside as well as outside, in the brand’s colour
• Install logo and neon sign on top of the entrance gate of the selected station
• Floor or roof branding

During the currency of the license period, the licensee may be permitted to change the brand name of the station, logo or modify the theme of the advertising inventory at its own cost after approval from DMRC.

The licensee shall have to earmark up to 5 per cent of total advertisement spaces at each station for carrying out social marketing activities or social messages by DMRC in consonance with its CSR policy. Cost for printing advertisements with regard to social marketing activities or social messages shall be borne by DMRC.

In future, Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) may be installed at the selected station. Spaces on such PSD shall be available for display of advertisement by the licensee.

Bidders should have a minimum cumulative gross turnover of Rs 5.5 crore in the last three completed financial years for stations on Lines 3 and 4 and Rs 8.5 crore for stations on Line 2 as on date of notice for invitation of bid on the DMRC website.

The bids shall be submitted by the bidder in two parts comprising of Technical Bid and Financial Bid.

It may be recalled that in an earlier station renaming bid exercise the naming right for the MG Road Metro station has gone to Pioneer Publicity, while Uppal Chadha Hi-Tech Developers has bagged the naming rights for the Noida City Center and Noida Sector 18 Metro stations.

Since the introduction of the renaming exercise, three stations on the Rapid Metro Line in Gurgaon have already been branded – Vodafone Belvedere Towers, Indusind Bank Cybercity and Micromax Moulsari Avenue Metro stations.

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