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LG finds the perfect medium in malls for its Great Indian Selfie Campaign  

31, December, 2014

Abhinav Mohapatra, New Delhi

To enter record books for the largest Selfie canvas, LG Smartphones recently executed the great Indian Selfie Campaign across top 12 cities in the country. As part of a mall activation, LG showcased the smartphones’ unique product proposition of gesture shots, where the user has to hold up one’s palm and make a fist to get a 3-second countdown for clicking a Selfie without the use of any buttons. The brand had set up LG Selfie Smile Click Studios in the malls displaying the G3, G3 Beat, G3 Stylus, L Bello and L Fino, which could be picked up by anyone in the mall to click a Selfie and post the same on the portal and join the community.

Talking about the mall activation, Amit Gujral, Head - Marketing, LG Mobile, says that the idea was to showcase the most unique proposition of the five smartphones, which cannot be copied. “We are trying to get into the record books with the most number of open ended selfies, with the portraits of the users only and not any car or pet in the picture,” he adds.

According to the brand, this had to be an experiential exercise and the malls present a perfect opportunity in the country along with the activation, so people who come to the malls and have clicked their Selfies can put their pictures on the portal. LG not only placed its experiential zones in the malls, but also used different formats within the malls. Even though the malls have demarcated space for such activations, depending from mall to mall LG has branded certain areas inside the malls to make the visitors aware about the smartphones and lead the people to the studio.

Expressing his thoughts on the ROI, Gujral doesn’t want to link every activity with sale. “Branding is something you cannot define in numbers, the whole idea was to be near the consumers and make them have an idea of the phones and the campaign; that for us is the biggest ROI,” he opines. He further adds that today no one earmarks any specific media spends, one cannot link any proposition with a certain percentage on TV or print or OOH, it depends on what is the best consumer hypothesis. An experiential activity has to have an experience zone and hence there is not ballpark figure that he wants to have for it.

Ravi Makhija, Managing Director – Home Business, Havas Media Active, the OOH agency for the brand, says that this was one of the unique and interesting activities done by LG across 12 cities simultaneously. “The biggest challenge for us was to get the best of the locations at best of the malls in all the respective cities, which was managed by us successfully. We are thankful to the LG team for giving us the opportunity to become a part of this mall activity and we look forward to such interesting and challenging activities in future,” he adds.

The Selfie Smile Click Studios were set up in malls at Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and Gurgaon from December 19 to 21 and between December 26 and 28 in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Cochin.

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