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OLX gives life to unique used items; converts them into Art 

22, September, 2014

Aarti Chhabra, New Delhi

There is no dearth of talented designers in India. Recently, a Delhi based designer duo Gautam & Prateek, specializing in illustrations and sculptures designed a 12-feet-long and 7-feet- high Moto bike, which revolutionized the way we think of ‘Art’.

In May,, largest free classified portal in India set out an unprecedented 10,000 km journey; The Great India Collectors’ ride in search of most unique items from the country. In 50 days travelling across 45 cities and towns the ride met tens of collectors, and picked out most precious items from their collections that they had put up for sale on OLX. Each of these items has been put together to give life to first-of-its-kind motorcycle art installation called the OLX Freedom Bike.

It’s not a bike you would love to ride. You would rather admire it like any other brilliant piece of art. A close look at the bike would reveal that its each part is unique and has an old world charm. For example, what you see as a seat of the bike is actually a 26-year-old saddle gifted by Yaduraj Singh and Veeram Dev Singh. At the back part of the bike you will find a 100-year-old pan daan decorated with Urdu couplets. Hermes portable typewriter has been used as the numberplate. You can also spot the old Railway lantern that was used around 60 years ago in the Maharaja of Udaipur’s Railway salon. It’s used as a light in the bike. Then there’s a brass tiger which was collected generations ago from somewhere in the northeast of India and a pre-Independence gun powder box.

This extraordinary piece of art made entirely of collectible and vintage items was recently unveiled by OLX in Delhi in the presence of leading motorcycle communities, artists, media, actors such as Rajiv Khandelwal and Rohit Roy, and popular music band Indian Ocean, which also performed at the event.

Amarjit Batra, CEO,, says, "As the largest free classified portal in India, OLX has given people freedom from middlemen and the freedom to sell and buy at the price, place, and time of their choice. The OLX Freedom Bike is symbolic of this freedom, and of the value of used goods. OLX is the largest marketplace for used motorcycles in India, and the default destination for those who want to sell and buy collectible and vintage items. Through this initiative we have shared the extraordinary stories and collections of these ordinary people."

The Great India Collectors Ride was done in association with xBhp, India’s largest motorcycling community. The inspiring one-of-its-kind initiative brought bikers, collectors and the art world together. The complete journey was also documented and converted into a TV series by The History Channel.

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