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Verifone Media teams up with The Weather Network to broadcast forecasts

30, October, 2015 Bureau, New Delhi

VerifoneMedia have teamed up with The Weather Network, the UK’s local weather provider, to broadcast daily forecasts to audiences all around London, from this week, across its premium Digital Out of Home formats. Verifone Media’s unique interior digital network spans 2,500 screens in the back of taxis and can target a key audience in a captive environment, while they journey around London.

The new DigitalTop Network now spans 400 HD screens in London and over a 2 week period, can achieve a minimum of 3.8 million plays. It is the perfect medium to broadcast to a savvy audience while they are on the move around London. The network provides a geo-targeting, meteo-targeting and day parting element, allowing ads to reach a specific audience in a narrowed down area. Future development will see this network grow, with 800 screens by the end of 2016.

Sadeek Rahman, Digital Product Manager at Verifone Media explains: “Our format is always on the move and can reach audiences all around the capital. This is why broadcasting content from The Weather Network is a perfect fit on both our Interior Screens and DigitalTops. The weather is crucial and of interest to everyone, and for the public to get an update while they are travelling in a taxi or just walking down the street is great!”

Taylor Emerson, Managing Director Europe, further added: “The Weather Network is all about your local weather on the go. Verifone’s interior screens and DigitalTops provide a perfect vehicle to deliver dynamic and relevant content. It’s important we use the latest technology to provide the weather and Verifone’s screens enable us to do this. We are thrilled to be working with Verifone on this innovative first in the UK and will be looking to further develop this partnership in the coming months.”

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