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Effectiveness of digital billboards a study by OAAA and Nielsen

28, July, 2015 Bureau, New Delhi

According to a new study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and Nielsen, digital out-of-home billboards are said to generate high recall for advertisements and positive consumer attitudes. The study states that about 75 per cent of the people surveyed recalled looking at a digital billboard in a month’s time and 60 per cent in a week, those who travelled on roads which have digital billboards. 55 per cent of the audience were highly engaged since they could recall the communication on the digital screen. According to OAAA, nationwide, in the US there are 6,100 digital billboards.

Nielsen studied 6 different campaigns in 5 major US markets and revealed that the brand recall is high among the audience who came across digital billboards as the audience recalled seeing at least one specific digital billboard ad from 74 per cent to 89 per cent of the time. The high recall brands were from QSR, entertainment, recreation, gaming and televised sporting events. The study also revealed the consumer attitude towards digital billboards, 72 per cent think digital billboards are a ‘cool way’ to advertise, 65 per cent feel it is a ‘good way to learn about business in the area’ and 61 per cent feel it is a ‘good way to learn about sales and events’.

Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO, OAAA says that this detailed study highlights the effectiveness of digital billboards for businesses to communicate with consumers and for communities to reach the public. “Consumers are paying attention to the information presented to them and acting on it, whether they are drawn to a location featured on an ad, discussing the ad with friends and family, or attending an advertised event,” she adds.

According to the study 71 per cent strongly also felt that the digital billboards stand out more than ads online and 46 per cent feel the same about television ads. The audience also feels that digital billboards are able to deliver messages in a timely manner with relevant information with 70 per cent agreeing to the fact that it has the ability to provide current and important information. The report analyzed 1,256 online surveys with US residents of 18 year s of age and older who lived in and around Atlanta, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Tampa. The respondents were screened for having travelled on specified roads containing digital billboards within the past 30 days. Ad recall was tested for 30 OOH advertising campaigns running on select digital billboards in these markets.

“Digital out-of-home is part of advertising’s future, and digital billboards offer brands a quick and flexible solution to target today’s mobile consumer. Communities are impressed by the medium’s ability to drive awareness and business,” Stephen Freitas, Chief Marketing Officer, OAAA.

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