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Trash gets a new face

June, 2013

Aarti Chhabra, New Delhi

To create a buzz around the fact that Inorbit is making art installations out of trash for the world Environment day on 5 June 2013 at Inorbit Malls-Malad, Vashi, Cyberabad and Whitefield, DDB Mudra executed an on-ground campaign.

The agency promoted the event with the help of communication materials made of trash, discarded materials, themselves. Easel stands and posters were made out of used cardboard (from discarded boxes), newspapers, mango crates , with the promotion message spray painted on it. Also, to help grab attention, various masks were created out of different trash materials like plastic bottles, oil cans, wires, cardboard, etc.

"Trash gets a new face" campaign saw various carton cardboards with messages up in the mall and promoters with different masks speaking to customers at the mall. The attractive face masks that the promoters carried, grabbed a lot of attention in the mall, with customers, kids posing with them. Also, on the digital media, different mailers were posted asking people to come and visit the mall and check out the art installations.

On the Inorbit Facebook page, there was a contest held asking people to click pictures with the masks/installations and upload the same on Instagram #WEDatInorbit

The campaign was on from 2 to 9 June 2013 at the different Inorbit Malls across India. The Trash Installation at Inorbit Mall was conveyed in an interesting manner with the help of communication material that were all made by trash itself. This also served the purpose of saving paper, by not printing easel boards unlike done for the regular events. The campaign received good coverage on Main line newspapers like TOI and Indian Express.

Talking about this initiative, Mr. Kishore Bhatija, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Inorbit Malls said, "On this World Environment Day we wanted to reach out to our shoppers in a unique way as well as educate them on benefits of reusing waste. What better way than through a medium of art which is created out of scraps and wastes and translated into striking installations. Art out of recycled materials is both great for the environment and an interesting artistic challenge."
Commenting on this, Nishant Jethi, Associate Creative Director said, "The brief was to create a campaign for World Environment Day at InOrbit. We thought what's better than creating an ad campaign made out of trash itself. So we made ad posters out of discarded card board, old newspapers, etc. And masks from used plastic bottles, Saffola bottles, old markers and tubes that were worn by the InOrbit staff. Thus, the medium became the message as well."

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