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Platinum outdoor creates strong presence for Idea at Kumbh Mela 2013

February, 2013

Aarti Chhabra, New Delhi

Festivals form a major part and parcel of our lives. Especially in India, we celebrate every festival with great pomp and show. Festivals also mean a particular time during which customers heavily shop. Yes, shopping forms a major part of every single festival. Therefore, for advertisers, festivals are the right time to advertise their brands amongst customers so that they get familiarized with the features and benefits of the products and are encouraged to adopt or buy them.

True to this, Idea went big on the outdoor during Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. Approximately 10 cr people are expected to visit Allahabad during the Kumbh.

The multi dimensional OOH campaign is spread across various outdoor formats to optimize impact. A multimedia approach has been adopted by the agency to optimize the visibility and effectiveness of the campaign. The outdoor formats include Billboards, Specially constructed arches, Gantries, Branding at surrounding railway stations, Barricade branding in the Kumbh area, Kumbh map branding in the Kumbh area, Helpline signage's within the Kumbh area, Balloon branding in the Sangam area, Bus branding and Boat branding.

Special Pillars have been constructed with a Kalash atop symbolic of Kumbh in the city. It's a treat to watch the same. Its an absolute stunner.

'Shahi Nav mein Sangam Snan ka Idea' is the campaign, idea is running across various mediums in which selective Idea subscribers depending upon their value of recharge done in a specific period, shall be shortlisted and will be invited to be part of Shahi Nav mein Sangam Snan' Campaign.

Since this Kumbh Mela happens once in 12 years, the idea behind this campaign is to increase customer engagement with the brand and provide an experience of a life time for few chosen ones.

The strategically placed branding ensured, wide spread reach, effective coverage, impactful visuals and top of the mind recall for Idea.

Gour Gupta, CEO, Platinum Outdoor, said, "Meticulous planning, hours of brain storming and 100 of man hours spread over 3 months has resulted in creating an impactful visibility for our client at World's biggest religious congregation. We closely worked with the Mela Authorities in order to facilitate developing various elements which can help and guide the visitors and pilgrims at large. Things such as mela map, Helpline No. kiosks, Traffic Barriers etc have been installed at various vantage points carrying Idea branding. While visiting the Sangam Ghat, one can also see Idea branded boats carrying hoards of pilgrims, tourists and visitors towards Sangam, in attractively branded Idea boats."

"We are thrilled to work on the brand. The brief from the Idea team was very clear, to deliver the most impactful plan and create a better emotional connect & heighten consumer interest and I am thrilled that the team ensured the same," concluded Gupta.

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