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AaramShop launches AaramTV to help FMCG brands narrowcast their brand messages at the neighborhood grocer

May, 2012 Bureau, New Delhi

FMCG / CPG brands struggle to get the shoppers' attention in the last mile where a lot of brand decisions get made. The problem is more acute in the neighborhood grocery or pharmacy as the store sizes are small and the environment very cluttered. Brands use multiple point-of-sales strategies like posters, stickers, danglers etc to standout.

AaramShop has now introduced AaramTVs, which will do a long way in easing this challenge for the FMCG brands, and it takes the in-store communication to the next level. AaramTVs are a last mile media option to help FMCG brands influence the consumers when they are shopping.

AaramTVs are intelligent AV screens that enable narrowcasting of infomercials or advertisements, targeted at grocery shoppers, in the last mile in India. AaramTVs are especially designed for placement within the traditional grocery channel / the kirana stores / the neighborhood mom & pop stores. This is the very 1st time that such a solution has been introduced at the point of purchase to create top of the mind recall for the customers. Aaramshop will be targeting locations with high footfalls and aim to associate as many vendors as listed with them by the end of this year.

The brand advertisers can use AaramTV to engage with their audience at the right time and right place - the moment of truth, when a consumer is taking a decision on her/his brand purchase in the neighborhood retail shops.

"AaramTVs are a last mile media option to influence the consumers of AaramShops (AaramShops are independent neighborhood grocery stores which can also be accessed online by consumers). AaramTVs engages the shoppers with the brands while they are shopping and influences their purchase decisions. This in-store media brings to life brands and their messages in an otherwise cluttered environment. It puts a brand's merchandising efforts on steroids.", says Mr. Vijay Singh, CEO & MD, Aaramshop.

AaramTVs are strategically placed only within neighborhood stores that sell FMCG / CPG brands, thus ensuring a very qualified reach-out to shoppers at the moment when they are most likely to make the brand choice.

AaramTVs are supported by seamless cloud technology at the back-end, which enables real-time selection and targeting of stores and extreme flexibility in choosing the right messages for the right shoppers.

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