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Pravendra Kumar Verma

Senior Marketing Manager
Billion Broadcaster

Our constant thrust towards technology is what differentiates us from the rest

"Billion Broadcaster intends to exploit available resources in all possible ways for providing a high-tech and industry driven opportunity for the big business houses and upcoming entrepreneurs to escalate and boost up their productivity through Billion’s advertisement platform"
July, 2021

If blowing your own trumpet is a virtue, Gurugram based OOH firm Billion Broadcaster should be duly credited for making the right noises. The young firm has taken strident steps toward 'Putting Ideas into Motion', quite literally by introducing its own mode of digital lift media in the city.

We caught up with Mr. Pravendra Kumar Verma, Senior Marketing Manager, Billion Broadcaster to get you a live account of the buzz. The expansion plans, his outlook on the Indian OOH industry and lots more.

Excerpts from the interview are as follows:

Can you please give us an insight on your company, Billion Broadcaster?

Billion Broadcaster is Lift Media/Life cycle media company, which is India's first company, to tap into the Digital lift media Market. Billion Broadcaster was founded with the motive to provide advanced digital lift media solutions to Indian as well as international businesses. Our constant thrust towards technology is what differentiates us from the rest. The lift media platforms and services that Billion Broadcaster offers have the capability of making widespread distribution of information to a diverse TG in a more effective & quickest amount of time. Billion Broadcaster provides digital lift media advertising platforms for new product launches, promotional campaigns, sale promotions, notice broadcasting and more. We help businesses expand their brand image through state-of-the-art lift media products and services.

Why do you think digital will play a vital role in times to come and how it will be different from conventional formats?

Digital is a more sustainable option, be it any industry. It requires fewer resources and gives space for processes to be more efficient. The enormous potential it offers has disrupted every industry across and similarly with OOH industry. The ability for an advertiser to change creatives on the go with context, extend campaigns and power to target better offer a great e incentive, economically and otherwise to make a shift to the digital medium and that's what billion broadcaster is here for - To provide the finest and technology-driven opportunity to the brands, to reach directly their customer through billion broadcaster services, while the targeted audience is more focused on to the screen, what they are observing, listening and updating their knowledge of client's service or product.

How are you planning to approach non-metro cities? If you have approached, then what challenges have you faced?

Currently we are targeting Delhi NCR (Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Faridabad), Bengaluru and Kolkata as most of the TG audience belongs to these major cities of India. As Delhi is the capital of the Country and the hub for all the major big brands and entire Delhi NCR region is surrounded by the high-rise big commercial and residential building. As for the non- metro cities we have a plan with different products to be launched according the target audience there to benefit our client but it is down the line process which is gone take some time for us. As Billion Broadcaster is more focused towards Elevator Media/Lift Media/Life Cycle Media and targeting Premium High residential and commercial buildings we are reaching all the major cities in India with the goal to become the integrated marketing solution provider.

Which brands and categories have mostly been using the Billion Broadcaster network?

All the categories of brands are keen interested to run their multiple campaign through our Billion Broadcaster platform name a few ZOMATO, SAMSUNG, AIRTEL, BMW, PEPSI, BIG BAZAAR, ETC. As the reach of our media is very high and it creates the ever lasting impression of their ads on to the target audience through Image, video and audio platform. If to be more précised, we already have run 1000+ successful media campaigns.

What differentiates Billion Broadcaster from competition?

We Simply do not SELL our offerings, we understand the client requirement and offer products best suited to them rather than our interest - providing sustainable and economical solutions - makes us apart, besides Quality is a very important part of our commitment.

How do you think DOOH will emerge in a post COVID environment?

In a post lock down DOOH is going to play the most important role in Out of home media for the revival of the market. As programmatic can help you to access the resources remotely and can also provide you the traffic count which will help the outdoor media to fast and result oriented approach to the market. As currently brands want to ensure every rupee they spent on an advertisement or marketing activity especially in Outdoor media should be ROI driven. It will recover and rise better than the last year with the upward trajectory.

What is the biggest challenge you face right now?

The biggest challenge for us the budget restriction in the companies for the Marketing and advertising activities. As post COVID many companies facing revival challenge for their business so they are cutting down their expanses to save some cost. And it is not just the challenge for us but for the wholes industry facing the same.

Secondly, in post-covid situations, we need to aware the general public, entrepreneurs about the benefits of Billion's advertisement platform, that can prove a lifesaving drug for their businesses by enhancing their sales in today's competitive market.

What are your future plans for Billion Broadcaster?

Billion Broadcaster has big future plan to grow not just as an advertising company but as Biggest lift media company in India and expanding our operations PAN India and Internationally. Billion Broadcaster intends to exploit available resources in all possible ways for providing a high-tech and industry driven opportunity for the big business houses and upcoming entrepreneurs to escalate and boost up their productivity through Billion's advertisement platform.



Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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