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Srividya Gopani

Director - Brand and Consumer Marketing, APAC and China

We want professionals to lean on LinkedIn and find their next job

"At LinkedIn, we are always working towards building a platform that helps professionals become productive and successful every day."
May, 2019

LinkedIn recently kicked off the second edition of its #InItTogether integrated brand campaign, following the campaign debut in India last year. This wave of the campaign is targeted at career builders via a celebration of real members with diverse professional journeys, who -- like many other professionals on the platform -- have leaned on LinkedIn to leverage their networks, pivot to new industries, and create greater opportunity to find their next job.

We spoke to Srividya Gopani, Director - Brand and Consumer Marketing, APAC and China, LinkedIn, about the rationale behind it and her expectations from it. We also asked her how engagement helps in boosting the overall revenue of the brand and more.

LinkedIn has just launched the second edition of the #InItTogether campaign. Tell us about the insights for the campaign and the marketing mix for the same.

Our 'Career Pathways' survey of more than 5,000 full-time professionals across 11 cities in India found that career paths are no longer linear today, and that professionals are keen on switching functions and industries more than ever before. The survey provided the insight that professionals today place greater value on a fulfilling career over money. Doing what they love is important to professionals today, and that 57% professionals would even consider switching careers to get closer to their dream job.

These insights led us to showcase real member stories, whose diverse and unique professional journeys are an echo of the new definitions of success - they want to switch careers, leverage their network, seek guidance from peers, or try niche professions in order to achieve their idea of success. The campaign features four real members and their diverse professional journeys on finding their dream job on LinkedIn. Gayatri Iyer moved from finance to marketing in pursuit of her dream job, while Nilesh Sharma leaned on his LinkedIn community to find his next job as a voice-over artist. Connecting meaningfully with people on LinkedIn helped Manish Balani push his career boundaries, and Radhika Seenivasakan leveraged the platform to seek support from her professional network when she was having a hard time returning to the workforce following a sabbatical as a working mother.

At LinkedIn, we are always working towards building a platform that helps professionals become productive and successful every day. We want to empower the Indian professional with professionally relevant news, insights, and knowledge. It is a place where professionals build their identity, make strong professional connections, and stay informed about industry trends through commentary and conversations. And with this campaign, we want professionals to lean on LinkedIn and find their next job.

This is the second #InItTogether integrated brand campaign and it went live last month, following its debut in India last year. It went live on TV on March 23 with IPL Season 12. The 15-second TV spots are being aired during the IPL on HD and SD, along with Premium English channels (news, movies, entertainment, infotainment) on HD and SD. As part of our OOH strategy, our campaign is splashed across prime locations in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi for a period of 6-8 weeks. These include the Metro in Mumbai and Delhi, airports across the three cities, and impact hoardings and bus shelters in prime areas. We are also live on Hotstar, as part of our digital presence during this year's campaign. It is also being promoted across the platform's official online channels on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Has the OOH campaign helped to build greater brand awareness?

This is our second ATL campaign in the country and expanding from two cities to three is not only testament to the power of the outdoor medium but also its reception amongst audiences. That said, campaign impact and metrics for our second edition are still being measured.

What does LinkedIn wish to achieve from this campaign from a business standpoint?

We are a members-first company, with a mission to connect the world's professionals so they can be more productive and successful. In India, where we have a member base of about 55+ million members and growing fast, our focus with this brand campaign is on helping professionals achieve their individual career aspirations at all stages of their careers. This wave of the campaign is targeted at career builders, for whom success means different things today, and we are focused on inspiring our members to overcome barriers and lean on LinkedIn to find their next job.

At LinkedIn, we are always listening to our members and one of the insights was about generating awareness and informing our members about the different features on the platform. To address that, we have just kicked off a how-to series on job search on LinkedIn and on our other owned channels, which supplements the broader brand campaign.

How do you plan to keep using the OOH media platform in future?

It is always a pleasure to work with our OOH media partners and even more so as the #InItTogether is our biggest campaign in India yet. This is also our second ATL campaign in the country, and the fact that we have now expanded from two cities to three, is a testament to the power of the medium.

How important is India as a market for LinkedIn? What are your future plans to tap the vast potential that India offers?

India is a strategic market for LinkedIn, and we are focused on helping our members build fulfilling careers. With a robust professional community of 55+ million members in India, the country is the second largest market for LinkedIn, outside the US with more than 350,000 open jobs and 50,000 skills added by members to their profiles - reflecting the tremendous opportunity and potential that we see for the country and its professionals.

With our member-first, localized approach we will continue to empower the Indian professional with professionally relevant news, insights on jobs, companies, commute data, salary data, and learning paths to guide him/her to create a fulfilling professional life, and ultimately becoming more productive and successful every day.

(**With our unique and valuable insight into India's workforce trends, we launched two, bi-annual India Workforce Reports. You may access the H1 2018 report and the H2 2018 report by clicking on the respective links.)

How does India compare to other markets? Any unique user traits of Indians that you'd like to highlight?

LinkedIn's new Career Pathways survey has surfaced some interesting insights about the Indian professional -- the highlight being that today they want a lot more fulfilment from their jobs and careers and wish to be empowered to change roles and sectors. They are changing jobs and careers more than ever before and the days of a linear career path or life-long employment at a company are no longer the norm. In fact, the survey finds that one in three Indian professionals feel like they are 'career sleepwalking' - they feel stagnant as though they are on a treadmill going nowhere, and 57% would consider career pivoting in order to build a more fulfilling career.

The country has one of the youngest and most rapidly growing workforces in the world, and the changing trends of this dynamic economy are reflected in our bi-annual India Workforce Report (Professional Edition) H2 2018.

We have seen that software engineering and business management are the most sought-after jobs in 2018 in India across industries, as well as for talent moving outside the country. Across, sectors, management and technical skills were seen as equally in-demand skills and the top in-demand soft skills observed across diverse industries were Management, Team Management, and Leadership, followed by Customer Service, and Project Management.  In fact, India remains a leading exporter of SQL, C, Java, C++, HTML, and Javascript skills in Software & IT services, and of soft skills such as Management, Team Management, and Leadership. With 1 in 3 emigrants from India moving to the US, the US continues to be the number one destination outside India for work. The UAE, Canada, the UK, and Australia were seen as the next four top destinations attracting talent from India and together, 70% of emigrants moved from India to these five destinations.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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