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Ankur Kansal

Brand Director
Jaguar Land Rover India

OOH - A multi-dimensional canvas!!

"OOH allows us to communicate Jaguar and Land Rover brand stories to our customers and engage with them in an effective and unique way."
April, 2019

OOH is a proven platform for brands to reach out to their target groups. Jaguar and Land Rover has etched indelible impressions in the Indian outdoor domain with some of the most spectacular campaigns. Ankur Kansal, Brand Director, Jaguar Land Rover India, takes us through the brand's experience in outdoor advertising in a tete-a-tete with allaboutoutdoor.com. 

What are the communication objectives of Jaguar Land Rover India & how does OOH media marketing help in achieving these objectives?

Jaguar cars are known for their distinctive design, exhilarating performance, intuitive technology and British luxury while Land Rover SUVs are known for their 'Capability with Composure' delivered through iconic design, legendary all-terrain capability, refinement and versatility. Our marketing efforts are planned around communicating these brand stories. Besides, from time to time, we also run some well thought-out tactical campaigns to meet a specific business objective.   

We see the Outdoor space as a multi-dimensional canvas that lends itself to innovations using a combination of video, images and experiential. This allows us to communicate Jaguar and Land Rover brand stories to our customers and engage with them in an effective and unique way.

From the entire marketing budget, in terms of percentage how much is allocated to OOH media marketing every year?

The percentage varies based on the objective of the campaign. We don't discuss specifics about our budget allocation.

How do you think brand custodians can become more creative in leveraging OOH and making their brands stand out among the clutter?

By thinking beyond just the size and location of the site and looking at creating a more engaging, relevant and safe outdoor activation; innovate using a combination of video, images and experiential, where possible. Keep the message concise and precise. Further, focus on more call-to-action and engagement related measures of efficacy of the activation rather than just reach and traffic numbers.   

What distinguishes brand Land Rover from its competitors? 

Land Rover SUVs deliver 'Capability with Composure' through their design, all-terrain capability, and advanced technology. Then, for a customer looking for supreme levels of luxury and comfort, we have the Range Rover family of SUVs while for a customer looking for more versatility in terms of space and seating configuration, we have the Discovery family of SUVs.

Overall, Land Rover's iconic designs, legendary capability, innovative technology and British luxury have made it a highly desirable and aspirational symbol of status and success.

Unified OOH communication is a big challenge, so how are you measuring your OOH campaigns and their effectiveness?  

It is important to look beyond just reach and traffic count and for luxury brands like Jaguar and Land Rover, some degree of qualitative feedback is critical as well. KPIs tracked and measured depend on the objective and nature of the activation.

Which markets are driving growth for you? Are you also targeting rural and Tier II and III markets?

Jaguar Land Rover in India has 26 Retailer facilities across 24 cities including Tier II and III cities like Nagpur, Surat, Karnal, Jaipur and Indore. Jaguar and Land Rover have high desirability and appeal throughout the country, with volumes picking up from some Tier II cities in the recent past.

What is your observation on digital OOH in India? 

Given the traffic, dust and weather related conditions in India, the penetration of digital in the outdoor space i.e. along roads and highways, can be limited. Consideration with regard to driver safety will weigh in as well to limit the overall use of digital in this space. However, in more controlled spaces like malls, airports, railway stations, commercial buildings, cinema halls, etc. digital, in future, can help deliver highly engaging video content with more relevant contextual targeting.     

Automobile brands as a whole spend a lot on on-ground activation. But one criticism is that activation does nothing for the brand. Do you agree?

On-ground activations, which in our world of luxury marketing, takes the form of Experiential Marketing can deliver great results across the brand funnel, if integrated well with Digital, CRM, Social Media, PR and other ATL media.  E.g. we run highly intensive drive experience programs, 'The Above and Beyond Tour' for Land Rover and 'The Art of Performance Tour' for Jaguar. These events allow customers and prospects to engage with Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and experience their true potential in a highly safe, authentic and relevant way under the guidance of certified and trained instructors.    

What changes do you anticipate in OOH space?

The ecosystem is changing with introduction of Digital OOH and thus getting more measurable. Innovations and proper and safe usage of technology (e.g. AR) will continue to drive more effective ways of reaching customers. We further hope that with the emergence of smart cities, OOH sites are planned much in advance such that they become an integral part of infrastructure planning.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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