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Amit Tiwari

Vice President Marketing
Havells India Ltd.

DOOH - New possibilities for brands to make an impact

"This medium's strong carry-over effects and "larger than life nature of medium" builds brand imagery and ensure that quick brand awareness levels and leave long lasting effect in consumers mind space."
March, 2019

allaboutoutdoor.com interviewed Amit Tiwari, Vice President Marketing - Havells India Ltd. to understand how OOH media has played a major role in accomplishing their goals

How important is OOH to your overall marketing strategy and connecting to consumers, and why?

Havells has been advertising across 360-degree media platforms.  Outdoor has always been an integral part of marketing activity and plays an important part in MEDIA MIX. By using out of home media smartly, we have successfully built brands through generating instant awareness and elevating the perception and credibility of a brands. This medium's strong carry-over effects and "larger than life nature of medium" builds brand imagery and ensure that quick brand awareness levels and leave long lasting effect in consumers mind space. For Havells, it helps us to capitalize on consumer mindshare and visibility with ease, even when they're on the move. Additionally, OOH can be used for repeated and specific targeting as well, depending on the requirement.

The Indian OOH advertising landscape has evolved in the last few years. What were the 3 news things that you learnt as a marketer in 2018?

2018 has seen some huge developments in the Out-of-Home world, and it looks like that trend will continue through 2019. The digital transformation of outdoor advertising is enabling brands to run more personalized marketing campaigns to customers in the offline world. Digital out-of-home advertisement has grown as a proportion of all OOH spending, reflecting the new possibilities for brands to make an impact. As new measurement methods and integration with digital channels come online, they will proceed to add to the value proposition for OOH, making it an even stronger component of a robust media plan. Increased technology, increased availability of analysis tools and an increased variety of media have provided advertisers with the greater precision and larger number of opportunities they need in the modern marketplace.

Which was Havells' most successful marketing campaign in 2018? What was the one thing that you think worked in favour of the brand and you would not hesitate doing again?

Building campaigns in traditionally low-involvement categories such as electrical equipment is a challenge. We need to think out of the box to make dull categories such as wires and fans exciting and interesting to the consumer. Havells are an image and market leader in wire and lighting category business, and communication has been an integral to us. Over the years, we have kept our advertising very simple and have been able to break the clutter in the category. Consumers have always been able to relate to the advertising from us and identify us in the market. Havells is one of the major brands that uses OOH in very many innovative ways. Last year, we opted for innovative displays to promote our lighting products, designer fans etc. With the kind of competition constantly snapping at its heels, Havells will need to keep the creative juices flowing to stand out in a cut-throat market.

3 innovating OOH marketing tactics that you wish to implement for Havells in 2019.

OOH is an important part of our broader marketing mix. In this day and age there simply aren't a lot of advertising vehicles that have the sheer reach of OOH. The right message, at the right time, directed at the right audience, can have a big impact and it's a great call to action with consumers.

Sporting properties offer more & more interesting opportunities to brands with leagues like IPL, ISL, PKL all becoming popular, what role will sports play in your marketing mix?

Today everyone wants to associate with sports or cricket specifically for the eyeballs. Previously sports meant only Cricket, now the horizons have increased people have started looking out for different sports. Badminton has become quite popular now with excellent players who have lifted India's pride on global forums, tennis league was started but couldn't pick up well, kabbadi has emerged as a prominent league in the recent times. There are enough and more opportunities coming up, the only thing marketers have to match is as per brand journey, and brand stature, which particular sport gives the maximum affinity, because no sport apart from cricket will give that amount of reach.  If a brand is looking for affinity audiences which results into good brand salience, the perfect match is to go with sports genre and that's the way the entire ecosystem is evolving. We have always associated ourselves with sports and will continue to do so.

Are there any specific products at Havells for which you only use BTL?

No, that's not the case. Both ATL and BTL are important. BTL is very important for creating that experience. However, ATL is also important from the imagery point of view. It is not like we do specific activations for specific categories, it is all about what we want to achieve. So if we want to build up the imagery in the viewers mind, then we use ATL as a tool, and if we give that experience through BTL, it helps as well. Of course BTL is very important for newer categories, wherein people have very limited knowledge.

In terms of generating results especially from consumers and in B2B, do you find BTL a more sure shot avenue than ATL?

Well it's difficult to say. Of course, when it comes to BTL, there is direct contact with the consumers. Hence you have the proof point as far as the conversions are concerned and it is easy to measure BTL activities. So it always shows up technical results and points, however, when it comes to imagery as I said, and scale, ATL is equally important. So it will be unfair to say BTL is getting more results. BTL in the coming years has become more and more important to create that experience for the consumer.

The OOH industry is going through a paradigm shift as technology progresses exponentially. What according to you OOH advertising could look like in 2020?

Change is only thing constant and with evolving trends I believe Indian OOH space needs to evolve too. However, some of the suggestions would be:

•Increased transparency -Today, the OOH medium is somewhat disorganized with insufficient clarity around rates, measurement & efficiency. Increased transparency around these will help brands show more faith in the medium.

•Effective use of technology/data- With the advent of technology, the OOH industry is embracing change and getting organized, logical, and client-specific.

• More Engagement: OOH needs to move beyond just a visibility led media vehicle. It needs to drive more engagement & create experience. Else it will always end up being seen as a passive medium. OOH could possibly also integrate itself with mobile-tech so that marketers can use using cross-channel campaigns that span OOH placements & mobile ads, often tied to specific locations. 

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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