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Peeyush Bachlaus

General Manager - Marketing
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

Kansai Nerolac turns baggage belts into giant moving shade cards

"Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd (KNPL) recently turned conveyor belts at the baggage claim area of Kolkata airport, into its own, animated, larger than life shade card."
January, 2019

Every company needs to be unconventional and creative when it comes to promoting their brand. Kansai Nerolac Paints recently came up with an on-ground campaign at the Kolkata Airport which displayed an amazing creativity. The campaign made use of luggage conveyer belt at the airport. One of the many conveyer belts present at the airport was converted to a giant, moving shade card, which not only gave the passengers a break from otherwise boring airport surroundings but also allowed them to select their favourite colour for their home or work.

Peeyush Bachlaus, General Manager - Marketing, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd, talks about the brand's view of OOH and shares his particular views on the efficacy of the medium in an interview to allaboutoutdoor.com

Recently, Nerolac turned baggage belts into shade cards at Kolkata Airport. What was the insight behind this innovative campaign?

The objective is to reach out to our Target Audience, wherever they are. Besides conventional methods, it is very important for us to deliver key brand messages in an innovative manner too. For example, the activation at the Kolkata airport with the luggage conveyor belt; it was very exciting for us as a paint company. It was an opportune metaphor as we see it, because the way we have our shade cards, to choose shades and select colours etc., the belt actually offered a very similar opportunity for us as it looked like a moving shade card to the customers. Thus, that was an insight to catch the consumer where they can give their undivided attention as well as appreciate something so innovative to catch their eyes and of utility.

What kind of response did you get for this campaign?

Well, the response has been great. In fact, we did a similar campaign last year in 2017 at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. Both these initiatives have helped us connect with our target audience, be it in terms of people talking about it online, offline, about it being innovative or useful, etc.

What about measuring success - what kind of metrics do you use? Are you all about sales? Do you look at brand awareness? What are you focussed on?

Typically, we look into mind measures, which is what brands really keep a track of. Of course, the larger objective is to maximize volume, sales etc.

How would you define your key target audience demographically and geographically?

As part of this campaign, targeting the flyers was the objective and the fact that Kolkata works as a gateway to the entire North-East. Right now, Indian travellers are taking it to the skies; from that perspective it allowed us to reach a fairly large set of audience.

What is your marketing strategy to make consumers choose your product over others?

Marketing strategy at Kansai Nerolac is that we effectively engage with customers through the product portfolio and awareness campaigns as we strive to establish and demonstrate how we as a brand are able to aid the transformation story that the consumers is seeking for their homes. In the current scenario, every consumer is trying to transform their living spaces, be it personal or their work places, and paint intrinsically plays a very unique role in terms of aiding this transformation. That is something that, we at Kansai Nerolac, have consistently been trying to achieve through such innovations in our marketing campaigns; creating conversation points and thereby informed consumers. Another similar example of our unique way of connecting with our audience was our 'Shera Para Shera Pujo' campaign in Kolkata, wherein we painted a very beautiful Durga Ma mural which was 100ft tall. The mural, again, was to showcase the power of transformational energy that is inherent in the brand and synergise with Pujo festivities with a similar vibe.

How have your advertising spends increased over the years? Which are the mediums that you are investing on more?

The budgets are constantly evolving. From marketing and communication's perspective, we continue to support the investment areas that we believe will help us achieve our objectives. Our marketing plans involve a mix of both traditional and new media options, be it like TV, print, social, mobile, outdoor etc.

From an industry perspective, which sectors do you see driving growth for the OOH segment over the coming years?

In today's scenario, it is very difficult to distinguish sectors from the point of view of presence on outdoor. We see right from the new age traditional businesses that use OOH for a variety of campaigns, be it Britannia announcing its 100 years or the latest gadgets or the Ecommerce sale or new car launches or the banks, etc. The place is replete with brands across sectors talking about their products and services. I believe, OOH is and will continue to be an integral part of any marketing mix across sectors. There is not much distinction coming through since most marketing teams use outdoor options depending upon the objectives their campaigns entail. I remember couple of years back when PNB Housing Finance wanted to announce their new identity, they took up an outdoor initiative for the first time in their business and it was one of their biggest campaign that they had done.

What are the hindrances facing the growth and development of Out-of-Home media from the perspective of a brand owner?

Actually, I won't say hindrances. Trackability has always been a bone amongst the marketers and the OOH medium. Additionally, when it comes to some kind of standards, there is a need for regulating the industry in terms of media structures or sizes or rates, buying patterns, or even commissions for that matter. These components definitely require some amount of thinking as the medium evolves. Today, we are also talking about merging of digital and outdoor which means that there must be an answer to most of the issues that have been existing for long.

What changes do you anticipate in OOH space?

I think technology needs to play a stronger role in outdoor. OOH will definitely evolve and merge into the experiential marketing space and that's something which I feel is bound to happen. We can call it digital out of home or we call it being part of an activation. Technology in OOH will evolve and of course we do see it coming in a variety of formats - be it static, dynamic or interactive.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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