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Navin Shenoy

Marketing Head - Youth, Music & English Entertainment

Changing the way 'outdoor' is perceived in India

"DOOH has the potential to complement premium brands and help them deliver high-quality, flexible, aesthetic and more effective messaging."
December, 2018

Allaboutoutdoor.com interviewed Navin Shenoy, Marketing Head - Youth, Music & English Entertainment, Viacom18 on their overall OOH strategies to find out their communication objectives & to understand how outdoor advertising has played a major role in accomplishing their goals.

Excerpts from the interview are as follows:

What was the insight behind MTV's latest OOH campaign for Ace of Space and Elovator Pitch?

Our insight was to make the OOH tell a story and not just be a static medium of communication. We intended to bring alive the storyline of the shows with concept-based advertising and give the audience a sense of what they can expect when they tune-in. Hence, we thought of the clutter-breaking use of the medium with contextual communication.

What was the brief given to the OOH specialist firm for the campaign rollout? Has the OOH campaign helped to build greater brand awareness?

The brief was to utilize the high impact medium of billboards to convey interesting, innovative and thought-provoking messaging. Both the shows have unique formats and the hoardings had to reflect the same. The campaign has been well received and has managed to drive the much-intended intrigue amongst consumers, trade circles and key influencers with multiple mentions on celebrities' social media handles.

Is there anything else you are currently doing in the OOH space to connect with consumers?

It has always been our endeavour to innovate in everything we do. The OOH space is a critical medium for us to connect with our viewers which we will be leveraging for all our upcoming shows.

How does this domain compare with print and television?

OOH is one of the most critical mediums in our media-mix and works in tandem with print and television to help us reach our target group. It is a great channel for building supplementary reach and generating widespread awareness about our offering.

What is your take on the efficacy of digital OOH in brand advertising?

While static OOH, with its merits currently has a preference in the Indian marketer's plan, but digital formats seem to be gaining traction and changing the way 'outdoor' is perceived in India. It has the potential to complement premium brands and help them deliver high-quality, flexible, aesthetic and more effective messaging. Its future will primarily depend on the kind of interactivity and innovations brands put forth. Given the right support, it could emerge as a medium to pull information rather than just push content.

How important are the Tier II and Tier III cities for MTV?

Tier II & Tier III markets are big for us in terms of overall viewership. Our content and media strategies are curated and planned keeping them in mind.

How is the Indian market different from the international market for OOH industry?

In India, OOH is primarily seen as mere adaptations of the creatives. As compared to International markets, there's still a lot to be explored in the OOH space here. If we are able to use technology to enhance this channel and design creatives keeping the specific medium in mind, it will help us to push the overall efficacy, make it more measurable and OOH more impactful.

They say it's tough to figure out the ROI of outdoor media. How do you calculate your OOH media ROI? What are the key parameters that you evaluate?

Despite being a significant and impactful medium for every advertiser, the non-measurability of ROI is still a big challenge for OOH. A universally acceptable measure is yet to be put in place. Parameters like the location of the site (visibility opportunity of your TG), impact of specific CTA assigned to the OOH campaign, shift in reach numbers or ad recall studies are used to evaluate the success of a campaign.

What are the most popular trends in OOH at the moment? What are the opportunities you envision in the years to come?

Immersive brand experiences through growth of Digital OOH is the most prominent trend at the moment. It shows how newer formats could be used to engage with viewers, not only push content but also pull data from them. OOH also allows an advertiser the flexibility of customizing content for audiences.

We think synergizing the use of smart phones with the medium and giving the consumer more opportunities to interact with the brand will widen the scope in years to come.

What's next for MTV?

We've significantly ramped up the unscripted content on the channel and are trying to bring a more relevant and exciting line-up in the youth entertainment space. We've already launched three new shows in October 2018 and the focus is to keep creating interesting content for the viewer.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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