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Puneet Anand

Sr. General Manager & Group Head (Marketing)
Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

We see a larger opportunity of integrating mobile with OOH

"Hyundai has incorporated creativity and innovation in the traditional format in addition to being one of the early adopters of new digital formats."
August, 2018

allaboutoutdoor interviewed Puneet Anand, Sr. General Manager & Group Head (Marketing), Hyundai Motor India Ltd. on their overall OOH strategies to find out their communication objectives & to understand how outdoor advertising has played a major role in accomplishing their goals.

Excerpts from the interview are as follows:

What are the communication objectives of Hyundai & how does OOH media help in achieving these objectives?

Hyundai is an innovative brand and for us the most important thing is that the campaign should stand out from the clutter. OOH is an important aspect of enhancing Hyundai's brand Presence in Key markets. Marketing is a part of the strategic fabric of Hyundai. The scale, viewability and the effect of outdoor advertising helps us create clutter breaking visibility and capture consumer attention. Outdoor advertising has applications at different stages of the purchase funnel and we leverage that to compliment the overall marketing plan.

From the selection of sites to the creative execution, Hyundai's OOH strategy has been impactful and result-oriented.  There is a lot of thought and strategy behind choosing the OOH sites to build a strong presence in prominent locations based on footfalls, eyeball visibility, proximity to dealer showroom etc in all the zones.

How are you building your brand visibility in the rural market?

We believe that Tier II and III cities will bring in the next wave of growth due to the rising aspirations of the consumers in these cities. As a consumer-focused brand, we are continuously strengthening our market reach and consumer touch points and our focus is to bring Modern Premium products for our customers across all segments.

Today, HMIL currently has 495 dealers, 451 Rural Sales Outlets and more than 1,309 service points across the country. Our wide network and regional campaigns help to stay abreast with the needs of our customers. For instance, the annual 'Experience Hyundai' campaign that we run across 418 non-metro cities is an effort to enhance customer connect in the rural markets. We use a Caravan of Hyundai cars in these smaller towns and villages to create a direct interface with customers and introduce them to Hyundai products and benefits. Our teams also visited residential colonies, markets, banks, schools and colleges, post offices and other commercial complexes to showcase the range of world-class Hyundai cars.

From the entire marketing budget, in terms of percentage how much is allocated to OOH media marketing every year?

Outdoor advertising helps us create clutter-breaking visibility and capture consumer attention at different stages of the purchase funnel. We leverage that to complement our overall marketing plan and plan our budget allocation accordingly.  

Do you use any tool to measure the efficacy of your OOH media campaigns? How do you measure ROI?

Evaluation is the most important aspect of any form of advertising and marketing. At Hyundai we believe in result-oriented campaigns that strike a chord with the audiences resulting in breakthrough impact. Our teams on ground have strong expertise in execution and measurement. We try to create OOH campaigns that have a call-to-action. This helps in tracking the leads that have been generated through OOH. In some cases, measurement is also done through evaluating number of daily and weekly foot/vehicular traffic on listed boards.

Who is your potential customer target group and how do you reach out to them via OOH advertising?

Brand Hyundai reaches out to people from all age groups. However, most of our customers are young professionals between 25-40 years who are often on the go for business or personal reasons.  Hyundai has permanent signages at almost all the major Airports of India as they offer a cost-effective and innovative means to communicate Hyundai messages to the captive audiences such as business travellers, who complement Hyundai's modern-premium appeal.

Automobile brands as a whole spend a lot on on-ground activation. But one criticism is that activation does nothing for the brand. Do you agree?

On the contrary I feel that OOH marketing provides a much larger landscape for the viewer, who can grasp content in fraction of seconds and retain it for longer. For example Airport / Metro / Highways advertising offer prolonged exposure to the brand leading to assured visibility.

There is a lot of scope for innovation due to a variety of advertising options such as free standing kiosks, backlit dioramas, state of the art L.E.D, scrolling displays, plasma panels, hoardings and etc. Since these ads reach the commuters directly, the chances of conversions are also high.

We try to incorporate change of layouts with eye-catching creatives once or twice a month that ensures significant visibility and gets us the desired traction.

What changes do you anticipate in OOH space?

The steady trend of innovation and modernization due to use of technology, increased availability of analysis tools and an increased variety of media are positively impacting OOH. Although internationally a lot of innovation has already been seen with respect to OOH, in India traditional media such as Billboards, unipoles etc continue to dominate. Hyundai has incorporated creativity and innovation in the traditional format in addition to being one of the early adopters of new digital formats. We also see data analysis contributing significantly to the evaluation of ROI going forward. In addition, we see a larger opportunity of integrating mobile with OOH.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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