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Gaurav Kackar

Head of Brand

Innovation is key to Jabong's marketing strategy

"For every campaign, we try to experiment with our assets across media channels to strengthen consumer connect by grabbing attention and augmenting visibility."
August, 2018

Gaurav Kackar, Head of Brand at Jabong in an interview with allaboutoutdoor shares insights on the brands recent campaign and tells about all that the brand is doing to reach out to its TG.

What was the insight behind Jabong's latest OOH campaign to promote the big brand sale?

Given the sheer number of brands consumers are exposed to today, the attention span is extremely low. Also, OOH as a medium gives consumer a very short window of a few seconds to grasp the entire communication including the key callouts. Hence, it becomes imperative to adopt a unique approach that differentiates your brand from others as well get you maximum eyeballs.

OOH is an integral part of Jabong's marketing mix for the key properties- The Big Brand Sale, Showstopper Festival, the Festive Season and other key events. And, innovation is key to Jabong's marketing strategy. For every campaign, we try to experiment with our assets across media channels to strengthen consumer connect by grabbing attention and augmenting visibility.

Our creatives were seamlessly tied back to our campaign theme #OutOfTheWorld. The first was a backlit 3D celestial objects like rockets and spaceship cut-outs, making for spectacular hoardings. The next was the motorized installation that creates an illusion of zero gravity in space. The third was a massive 40 feet installation of a shopping bag, a symbol synonymous to shopping, which resonates with the Big Brand Sale's proposition of the biggest fashion sale of the year.

What was your brief to the agency and are you satisfied with the way OOH specialist agency has responded to your brand communication needs?

The brief was to build a high reach and frequency plan that helps us build urgency during the sale days across key Jabong markets.  That's also the reason why we look at a high reach and frequency based media plan. We aim at getting the prefect balance of large and small formats at key consumer touch points like high street shopping destinations and malls, transit points/in vicinity of airports across our high performing markets. From a creative standpoint, the execution had to be strongly aligned with the over-arching theme of the campaign i.e. Out of the world.

With this brief in background, ideas were then shortlisted and mapped to outdoor sites that were ideal in terms of traffic, format and location.

What are the challenges you face while choosing an outdoor media format?

We usually have short burst campaigns of 10-15 days to support our marquee properties. That's why we have to work harder with our agencies and plan much in advance to get the premium sites which are otherwise blocked for long-term campaigns.   Also, seasonal factors play a big role in the selection of the sites. For BBS, we had to ensure that the sites that we had taken had minimal or no impact due to monsoon.

What are the hindrances facing the growth and development of Out-of-Home media from the perspective of a brand owner?

I believe the measurement of the efficacy of an OOH campaign, given the limited tools, is a definite growth hindrance. Today, most of the marketers depend on data to make decisions and rightly so. While new tools have emerged to measure the impact of TV campaigns, marketers continue to face a challenge to justify the direct attribution of OOH campaigns to the performance of the larger brand campaign.

How important are research and accountability in justifying inclusion of this medium? How do you measure the efficacy of the campaign?

OOH, for us, has always been a complementary media to support and amplify the overall brand campaign. There are basic parameters like traffic data that help to narrow down the media selection. However, this can't be the only criteria for evaluation. In terms of impact, we can't counter the reach that OOH provides us with and that's the reason why it's an integral part of all our key campaigns, supported by intelligent visuals and copy.

Do you believe that innovations are the best way to break through clutter in the OOH advertising domain?

Definitely. Outdoors as a medium lends itself to many innovations. Right from the format, creative to site/media selection, we make a conscious effort to experiment and use historical data and trends to evaluate the expected impact of the media. I earlier spoke about the innovations that we did to promote BBS. In addition to contributing to the overall impact, our innovative concepts also led to word of mouth which goes a long way in brand building.

What are your observations on Digital OOH in India?

As per reports by leading research firms, DOOH advertising revenues will overtake traditional spend in 2020, growing at a rate of 15% a year for the next few years. Some brands, globally, are already going big on integrations such as immersive visuals and interactive installations and we can see a similar trend in India, too.  'Experience' is a big part of OOH and I believe inclusion of augmented reality and mobile technologies like Bluetooth offer a lot of scope to come up with clutter-breaking ideas that offer unique experiences and a long-term impact on the consumers.

As a marketer, where do you see the OOH industry in the next 5 years?

Brands have just started to scratch the surface by experimenting with digital innovations. New technologies can further help build unheard of immersive experiences for consumers.  In the next 5 years, we will see a lot of new formats being introduced, while the traditional format will also continue to co-exist.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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