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Sanjay Selukar

Kruti Promotions

Changing the Landscape of Indian Display's

"We will be a "one stop shop", one of a kind in India which will provide solutions from basic 3D holograms to bringing LED Posters, Transparent LED and normal LED displays, covering 4d/7d /9d virtual zoo...museums etc. into the Indian display space."
July, 2018

Mumbai based, Kruti Promotions, a 360 degree solutions company has recently partnered with Noble Group worldwide to bring focus on a vision which envisages to "change the landscape of displays" in the country. Their partnership is enough evidence of their aggressive intensions and a firm commitment to play a pioneering role in bringing the digital revolution to Indian OOH media landscape.

In conversation with allaboutoutdoor.com, Sanjay Selukar, Director, Kruti Promotions, Pradeep Iyengar CEO, Kruti Promotions & Giovanni Kamarikos, CEO, Noble Group share their thoughts about future of digital OOH in India, challenges ahead and company's growth plans...

Recently, Kruti Promotions has partnered with Noble Group worldwide. Tell us more about this partnership.

Selukar We have partnered with Noble Group worldwide to bring focus on a vision which envisages to "change the landscape of displays" in the country by bringing 3D and LED screens to cut across modern retail, lifestyle retail and has offerings for the corporates too. We will be a "one stop shop", one of a kind in India which will provide solutions from basic 3D holograms to bringing LED Posters (standees), Transparent LED and normal LED displays, covering 4d/7d /9d virtual zoo...museums etc into the Indian display space.

With an innovative product offering and the experience of Pradeep Iyengar we saw an opportunity to fill the void in the display space - a winning combination.

Karmikos We are excited to partner Kruti and Pradeep as India had a huge potential with various new developments taking place in infra space and assured that the skyline of cities will be in line with other global cities of the world.

We are into EVERYTHING LED right from basic Hologram fans to LED posters (customizable sizes) to LED Screens (outdoors and indoors) Transparent Normal LED's and Adhesive LED's - this is latest launch in Europe which we are bringing to India within 3 months of launch. Noble Group has distributorship for the India, Middle East, France and Australia and is looking to expand further. This space will get exciting soon and consumers can get to see the launches that happen in this space in US and Europe within days in the Indian market.

With a presence over 32 countries and immense experience in DOOH space, how would you assess Noble Home's growth? Please substantiate this with figures.

Kamarikos Apart from saying that we are seeing a huge surge in demand from these markets and we are only growing by adding countries to our existing list. We are seeing a 50 - 55 % growth Y-O-Y and are sure with emerging markets like India, Brazil added to our portfolio and understanding ground situation we are projecting a 100 % growth for 2018/19.

What differentiates Noble Home from competition?

Kamarikos We Simply do not SELL our offerings, we understand the client requirement and offer products ( from our vast range) best suited to them rather than our interest - providing sustainable and economical solutions - makes us apart, besides Quality is a very important part of our commitment and we offer warranties ranging from 50k hours to 200k hours on our products. Unmatched in the market.

The common refrain is that digital OOH is the future, yet ad spend on this medium is still conservative. What are your thoughts on this?

Pradeep So far, what media buyers and advertisers have been offered in the name of digital are few sporadically located standalone screens which naturally cannot replace the well-established and far larger network of static billboards. However, things are changing rapidly and with emergence of large digital media networks such as ours, digital will soon become first choice amongst media buyers and advertisers by presenting itself as a formidable alternative to static media network. Apart from this, as I have already mentioned, we also need to educate and inform the media fraternity about the effectiveness and advantages of digital formats which we are already doing. Once we work on all these points then we can expect another Times Square in India.

Could you share the difference between India and other international markets when it comes to adaption and experimentation, since Indian OOH industry doesn't prefer experimentation?

Pradeep It would be wrong to say that OOH doesn't prefer to experiment, again the above point mentioned above holds good, there are establishment issues which needs to be worked around. This comes from a person   who was a part of the team that bought BACKLIT into Indian markets along with MMT from Australia way back in 1997, 555 was the first brand to do so during their India launch and we had engineers coming all the way over from Australia along with FLEX and help installation.

Comparatively which part of the world has made commendable strides in DOOH?

Selukar It's always been the MATURE markets like Europe and US, along with good Asian markets like SINGAPORE, HONGKONG, MALAYSIA and not to ignore CHINA. We have been slow for a REASON. It's almost the same MNC clients who operate globally and are present in India too, but due to establishment constraints haven't been able to take strides as witnessed.

Do you see good scope for digital signage business in the non-metro markets?

Pradeep As stated our VISION is "Changing the LANDSCAPE of "INDIAN DISPLAY'S" - the timing is right and the opportunity like never before and economical like never before. I see this trend cutting across GRADE 2 and 3 cities too as the thrust is now on INFRA development in this country

Your mantra is "Making Digital Out Of Home smarter, better and open to anyone". Please emphasize more on it.

Selukar We believe that as long as the quality standard is kept, advertising on OOH should not be as restrictive as it is now. At the same time, we work with networks to improve targeting and contextual capabilities, helping advertisers get more return on their spend which leads to more investments.

What steps are needed to expand the digital signage industry?

Selukar & Pradeep I think some steps have been initiated and others are being taken to initiate a change, who doesn't want a BETTER LOOKING GLOBAL CITY. Yes, but the process is slow but we are moving there.....Ease of doing business needs to be looked at as it's an IMPORT driven commodity. Ease of rules for usage of DIGITAL signages needs to globally there is high adoption of outdoor digital displays and they account for a substantial portion of the advertiser's wallet share. For example, in Australia 40% of out of home spends are on digital displays and this is growing rapidly.  In India the adoption has been slow and only about 1-2% of the outdoor advertising spends are in the digital space. India is at a tipping point and the next few years are going to see a major transformation of this industry. Smart city initiatives and upgrading infrastructure across transportation verticals like railways, metros, airports and highways are going to be triggers for exponential growth. As content can be changed dynamically, analytics driven content will reshape the industry and we have ensured that our technology and operations can support these features.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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