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Gerald Jaideep

Founder and CEO
Creative Sprout

Healthcare digital signage: Starting small, but growing

"With access to over 8 million eyeballs across our network and an average attention span of 10 Secs we offer one of the highest conversion rates of any OOH channel."
July, 2018

Creative Sprout is the Next Generation digital signage advertising company covering a wide spectrum of services that includes Healthcare communications and Branding, Media Services, Digital Solutions and Customer Relationship Management. The company claims to have installed around 3000 digital screens across 70 hospitals across India. Gerald Jaideep, Founder and CEO, Creative Sprout throws light on how this medium works, how it can benefit brands in a tete-a-tete with allaboutoutdoor.

What is the growth potential that you envisage for digital OOH screens in hospitals?

The industry is at a nascent stage and brands and hospitals are not looking into this opportunity as aggressively as other OOH platforms. At Creative Sprout, we are evangelizing this platform to the larger ecosystem. As an early entrant, we are establishing base standards which create value for all stakeholders - hospitals, brands and audience.

What is the kind of investment involved in installation of these screens?

Investments are determined by the size of the hospital (# of beds) and traffic pattern (patient flow) within the hospital. As the intent is to maximize coverage across the hospital, both the parameters determines the number and size of screens that we deploy at each location. In addition to the investments that are made in hardware and software, we also invest extensively in content development and licensing contextual patient education content from global content owners.

How will Creative Sprout provide leverage to brands in terms of - Visibility, Reach and Recall?

With access to over 8 million eyeballs across our network and an average attention span of 10 Secs we offer one of the highest conversion rates of any OOH channel. Our screens are spread across hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag & Kolkata. Our audience composition is 60% SEC B, 30% SEC C & 10% SEC A.

From a measurability perspective, we track 10% of the audience that is exposed to our screens and our customers get access to the latest metrics tracked at real-time. Our proprietary, AI based algorithm tracks audience by age, gender & emotions.

Which brands and categories have mostly been using the Creative Sprout network?

We've seen traction with brands from BFSI, FMCG and pharma industry engage on our platform. Government and semi-government institutions have also been excited to leverage this innovative platform for their branding initiatives.

What are your future plans for Creative Sprout?

We intend to expand our network to cover most large corporate hospitals in the next 24 months. While our platform is an exceptional channel for brands to engage, our core focus (80%) is to improve the quality of healthcare by providing better, contextual information to our audience.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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