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Atin Gupta

Managing Director
Atin Promotions & Advertising

In 3-5 years 90% of all advertising inside the aircraft would be digital

"If properly placed digital media will also give brands an opportunity to talk to 100% of airport traffic"
June, 2018

Atin Gupta, Managing Director, Atin Promotions & Advertising Private Limited in a candid interview with allaboutoutdoor reveals his perceptions, directions, focus and challenges of the Indian outdoor industry.

Excerpts from the interview are as follows:

Can you please share how you started your journey in this industry?

We got into this industry by accident 12 years ago. A client/friend wanted some media in South and asked us for help. One thing led to another and ATIN OOH was born.

How would you compare India's OOH industry to the global scenario, especially in the airport space? 

From a media perspective there is definitely more focus on media in Indian airports. The quantity and size of formats are definitely larger. The share of digital media is increasing every year. The increase in passenger traffic and the large base of domestic flights is a magnet for companies to come in and target their relevant audience.

With the advent of digital media; in-flight advertising market has witnessed significant changes. What according to you are the changes?

It is still very nascent inside the aircrafts. However I believe that in 3-5 years 90% of all advertising inside the aircraft would be digital with systems focused on the passenger's device. Evolving Intelligence platforms will change the way in-flight branding works.

At the merging of retail and advertising spaces, what's the growth been like in branded experiential type activities?

I think this is still very nascent, there is a huge potential here. At the moment setting up an experiential space is all about displaying a car or setting up a kiosk without any thought on how to engage the target audience. Once brands figure that out and decide to invest in technology and ideas, the game will change.

Which are the brand categories that prefer to use digital media at the airport, and do they opt for long-term advertising on this media?

Tourism, PSU's, consumer durables, real estate  are some of the categories that invest in digital. Since it is at the airport the campaigns are usually mid-long term. Once again providing companies proof of impact/recall and real-time display reports will help.

What are some of the major advertising concessions or projects Atin Advertising has won, and do you have any new bids in the pipeline?

Our projects are always on an ongoing basis... Right now our focus is on expanding internationally in S.E. Asia.

What is the scope of digital media at Tier I & II airports?

Huge, Digital media can help making costs affordable... since budgets in tier 1 & Tier!! Cities are limited. If properly placed digital media will also give brands an opportunity to talk to 100% of airport traffic... Including all departures and arrivals.

According to you, which are the brands that have made interesting and innovative use of airport space? Do you think these brands will increase airport advertising spends in the coming years? 

There are several brands that have done innovative and quirky campaigns at airports. Canon, Google Duo, Llyods, Kajaria are some of the brands that have tried different media.

Please elaborate on your client profile.

We have clients across all categories. Brands which use our media once mostly come back. We have an 85% repeat rate of clients.

Are you planning for any major investments in DOOH media, and where? 

In the inflight space... Will let you know about it soon.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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