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Jaskaran Singh Kapany

Vice President, Marketing

OOH is an evergreen medium!

"All mediums come with their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Mostly, it is a combination of media that helps deliver on a particular set of business objectives."
June, 2018

Jaskaran Singh Kapany, Vice President, Marketing - Paytm in an interview with allaboutoutdoor talks about Paytm's outdoor marketing and advertising; where the OOH industry is headed and the need of the hour. He feels that the industry needs to get out of its individual silo and start standing on its own, which will be a big game changer in the entire medium.

What are the factors you keep in mind while planning your OOH campaign?

All mediums come with their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Mostly, it is a combination of media that helps deliver on a particular set of business objectives.

For OOH in particular- the Simplicity of the marketing message, need for constant message reinforcement over an extended period of time & key location placement- these are some of the key input factors. We feel OOH is a great reminder media multiplier for some of our larger marketing campaigns.

What would be the highlights of your brand's recent OOH campaign and the takeaways?

We recently did a very successful marketing campaign to take our '7pe70' payments offer to the masses. The campaign was done to reinforce how rewarding it is for consumers to make payments using Paytm at Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Petrol Pumps, Dairy outlets etc using Paytm. In this case, OOH was strategically placed only at high footfall shopping areas to announce our 7pe70 offer and to reinforce how rewarding it is for consumers to make payments using Paytm. There was a nationwide exercise conducted on our part to first identify such catchments areas and then place our OOH strategically here to help build and reinforce the association of payments using the Paytm app. We saw very healthy increase in transactional volumes in places where this initiative was done. In addition to OOH, we also used Print and Radio on a national scale.

You have been utilizing a lot of conventional outdoor formats. How open are you in using non-conventional media such as digital screens on OOH?

We are very open to doing this. We have advertised across Digital screens, Security trays, Totems, headrests etc at a lot of airports/within aircrafts, train stations etc in the last few years. But we use digital screens in more captive environments where it is easier for audiences to internalize the messaging in an uncluttered environment.

Is OOH more effective as an advertising medium in smaller cities and towns?

TV & Print are still the main forms of communication given their immense reach & ability to explain complex messages well. However, we do notice that OOH is quite effective in smaller cities since the medium has a lot less clutter compared to the larger ones.

Since there is no common currency for ROI measurement for the Indian outdoor media, what benchmarks do you consider when planning for this medium?

Planning for the OOH platform is a challenging task as there is ambiguity on a set currency for ROI measurement. To combat this challenge, the benchmarks that we rely on generally include investments relative to strategic locations (eg. Tier I, II, III; SEC A, B, C categories), frequency of advertising relative to number of media vehicles involved, along with a calculation based upon market size versus city cost. And lastly, investments vs other media like Print, Digital, Radio. Combining these variables helps us decide on a plan of action involving various media modules, thus helping create a favorable return-on-investment for the brand.

What are the new trends that you have noticed in the outdoor domain in recent years?

There are a lot of new trends that are emerging. There is definitely a wider variety of media available now. Earlier, it was largely hoardings & bus shelters, but now whether you are in a bus/train/aircraft/a mall/ movie theatres etc, wherever you go, you are subjected to OOH media. It has definitely expanded. So, every time you go out you have a good chance of being exposed to advertising messages. One also notices the quality having improved over the last few years.

From an industry perspective, which sectors do you see driving growth for the OOH segment over the coming years?

OOH is an evergreen medium & will continue to get a fair share of business from all those who have invested in it over the years. However, if OOH as an industry was to improve certain aspects of its accountability, measurability & maybe include automation for targeted precision or execution-  I feel it will attract a far higher share of investments.

What is your take on the efficacy of digital OOH in brand advertising?

We look towards Digital OOH as a very young advertising medium, as it is still in a nascent stage. If incubated well, it has a potential of doing well in the future.

What are the changes that you would like to see in the Indian OOH space for you to consider a higher investments in this medium?

 Some changes that might encourage higher spends in the Indian OOH realm are:

• Increased transparency -Today, the OOH medium is somewhat disorganized with insufficient clarity around rates, measurement & efficiency. Increased transparency around these will help brands show more faith in the medium.

• Effective use of technology/data- Surprising to see such a large OOH industry unable to use technology/data to its advantage in this day & age. Whether it is for better targeting, better site selection or even for real time reporting.

• More Engagement: OOH needs to move beyond just a visibility led media vehicle. It needs to drive more engagement & create experience. Else it will always end up being seen as a passive medium. OOH could possibly also integrate itself with mobile-tech so that marketers can use using cross-channel campaigns that span OOH placements & mobile ads, often tied to specific locations.

Interview by: Aarti Pahwa

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